YOU & I & HER 

I love teamwork !

Let's double the excitement and pleasure.

Allow me to introduce you to my best friends !

200% feline with

Amelie The White9h00

Amelie is one of my favorite humans in the world - her good moods are contagious, and she knows how to put people at ease in a matter of seconds. Together, we are a passionate and fun kitty cat duo... Make us purr ? :)

explosive mix with

Toria Sea

Toria is my wildflower soul mate. Her unique beauty, her intoxicating charm, and her passion for human beings make her a supernatural healer. Together, we redefine ecstasy and sensual communion. 

fantasies & contrasts with

Emma Lemieux

Emma is a timeless beauty. Many are those who have lost themselves in her eyes and have followed the sound of her laugh like a siren's song. Let yourself get carried away by our ying and yang cuves, in a heady whirlwind of contrasts, and let's discover the real meaning of sensuality.

treats & more treats with

Gabrielle Laliberté9h00 &

Gabrielle is a woman as exceptional as she is delicious. Whether you feel like treating yourself to some sweets, or discover whole new tastes, you deserve not one but two lovers of words and senses. 

gender celebrations with

Alexe Lara D.

Alexe is simply a gem ! Trans and literary woman, she plays with gender conventions with intelligence and grace. Together, we broaden the femininity spectrum, making womanhood glisten and shine in all its colors. 

naughtiness & mischief with

Charlotte Duval

Charlotte is a wild child, as sparkling as she is fascinating. Dreamgirl readhead, I just cannot hide the enormous girl crush I have on her ! Together, we mix lightness and intensity in perfect proportions, and create bits of magic. 

fière membre du réputé collectif montréalais Indy Companion depuis plus de trois ans